Oct 17, 2019

Cámara Lúcida @ Museo MATE, Lima

Young Peruvian Photography, MATE’s first open call, marked the beginning of a review of local contemporary photography. From the 500 portfolios that were submitted, a shortlist was made and studio visits got underway, delving deeper into the trajectory, proposals, and vision of each participant.
To talk about “Peruvian photography” presupposes the existence of an identity capable of drawing together different perspectives and ways of working; of a shared space of dialogue between heterogeneous proposals—often isolated in appearance—that move between the most traditional and ample spheres of photography. It is in this way that Camera Lucida: New Peruvian Photography is born, as an exhibition that identifies and articulates a reading of photographic production in Peru today: a horizon of new talent. This is precisely the role of MATE as an institution with regard to the work of young artists: to discover, highlight, share and support.


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